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716 29th Street East Palmetto, Florida  34221-2334

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Rev. McArthur Sellars, Jr., President                    • Minister Laura Wallace Vice President

•Mrs. ‎Daisy Stewart, Secretary                              • Ms. Rita Smith, Treasurer

• Rev. Lawrence C. Livingston, Executive Director                    
Cellular (941)713-4492      


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The Daniels Project


SUBJECT:     ACCESS Florida, and  Our 10 Station Computer Lab Support Center

ACCESS Florida Community Network on-line access center

ACCESS Florida services are Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance, Refugee Assistance, and Medicaid programs administered by the Department of

Children and Families. 

10 Station Computer Lab Support Center – Quick Start FLORIDA
EMPLOY ONE-STOP JOB SEARCH – Providing Individual Services.

BEGINNERS COMPUTER TRAINING                                            

HOURS OPEN: Thursdays 12 noon – 2:00 P.M.   is the current time that the programs below are available.  We can expand these times if the need is warranted.


Beginners Computer Training                             

After School Tutoring                               


Student FCAT Testing
GED Preparation course on-line
PASSport Parenting Cl

The Basics

                         Computer Basics

                         Windows XP



                         Internet Basics

                         Email Basics

                         Internet Safety

                         Mozilla Firefox


Office 2003


Life Skills


Workplace Development

This Tutorial is recommended for those who

are familiar with: Internet Basics,

 Computer Basics Email Basics

Module 1: Knowing Yourself

Module 2: Money Matters

Module 3: Determine a Career Goal

Module 4: Job Search Methods

Module 5: Career Pre-writing

Module 6: References

Module 7: The Job Application

Module 8: Choosing a Resume Format


Module 9:   Writing a Resume

Module 10: Editing a Resume

Module 11: Preparing a Plain-text Resume

Module 12: Writing a Cover Letter

Module 13: Writing a Thank You Letter

Module 14: Scheduling the Interview

Module 15: Types of Interviews

Module 16: Interview Questions

Module 17: Interview Attire, Manners, and Body Language

Module 18: The Interview and Follow Up

Module 19: Negotiating and Accepting an Offer 

Test your knowledge with a short quiz.


Workplace Development Continued:

Module 1: Increase Workplace Success

Module 2: Time Management

Module 3: Setting Goals

Module 4: Business Etiquette

Module 5: Avoid Five Common Work-Related Pitfalls

Module 6: Completing I-9 and W-4 Forms

Module 7: Workplace Safety

Module 8: Getting Acquainted with the Computer Workstation

Module 9: Organizing Your Desk

Module 10: Understanding Your Pay, Benefits, and Paycheck

Module 11: Taking Leave

Module 12: Common Workplace Communication

Module 13: Building an Effective Business Presentation

Module 14: Listening Skills

Module 15: Coping with Stress and Anger

Module 16: Resolving Workplace Conflict

Discuss what you're learning on our bulletin board.  

Test your knowledge with a short quiz.